15 July 2007

InteractCreative / La.ga Bag

La.Ga is a bag made to be dressed. She transforms itself into a part of you and changes your silhouette like a new perspective integrated into your body.
In opposition to a fashion accessories and to the way these are apart from the body. She is dynamic, processing gradual changes in its shape and texture
through time, enduring your lifestyle and becoming something unknown.For all reasons, La.Ga rises the question: “Can we wear anything that surrounds us?”,
to which the answer is an absolute yes! More than the fabrics of clothing, it’s buildings, cars and furniture pieces that dress us all the time. Krv Kurva La.Ga is just a way of doing it.
The La.Ga bag is made in Portugal, from Dupont 100% Tyvek Graphics Quality, and is water, radioactivity and biochemical resistant.
It weighs 40g and loads up to 55Kg.
Machine wash at 30ºC. HPDE 2 Recyclable.