3 March 2009

Rojo Out 3 - The Artwork by InteractCreative

ROJO®out started in 2006 as an artistic initiative with the valuable and understanding partnership of J&B. It aims to show the talent of international emergent artists on the streets throughout the transformation of the advertising billboards onto outdoor art canvases. A yearly one month exhibition of specific and unpublished artworks made specifically to be displayed in outdoor backlight billboards, distributed strategically through the city center, the surroundings and the most important connection routes in Barcelona, Spain.

®out 3ª Mostra Internacional d'Art Urbà Publicitari
01.03.2009 - 31.03.2009
International Outdoor Urban Art Exhibition sponsored by J&B. 20 selected artists create specific artworks to be exposed in 44 giant billboards across streets of Barcelona's metropolitan area.

Artwork by: Eboy, Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva, Robert Hardgrave, Ovni, Apo Fousek, Benedita Feijo, Kill Pixie, Wagner Pinto, Fupete, Hvass+Hannibal, Javier Tles, Momo, Pancho Tolchinsky, Vasava, Stephen Smith / NCC, Protey Temen, Claudio Parentela, Yomar Augusto, Alexander Egger, Bruno 9li.