21 July 2009

We are finalists in CarpetVista Competition

We are finalists in CarpetVista Design Competition 2009.
We have already made it past hundreds of other contenders and now is the time to show what sets us and our designs apart from the rest!

The competition provides the opportunity to design carpets. The winning designs will be produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively on carpetvista.

The aim of the competition is for us to design a carpet, and CarpetVista will then provide the production. The carpet will be hand knotted and manufactured with the highest quality of materials.

Our design ( picture below ) will be displayed on carpetvista and CarpetVista's visitors will cast their vote to select the winner.

This begins next Monday, 2009-07-27 and there are participants from 21 different countries in the finals!

CARPET VISTA will upload all the final designs on the carpetvista for all visitors to cast votes.

So, if you like my design to be on a carpet, please vote! :-)