30 June 2008

Super Bock Outdoor - Street Art By InteractCreative

To know more about the project click here: (Portuguese)

Brand new wallpaper by InteractCreative - Restaurant

25 June 2008

Cubo Magazine

Illustration by InteractCreative

21 June 2008

T.A.P Portugal - Up Magazine - Compal ads

BOX Vol.2 is out! - InteractCreative is there!

The 2nd issue of BOX continues the success of the previous one. All the works are representative, as our principle of selecting works are their prominence, and they must have experienced baptism of time. When we are looking at the art pieces, we are supposed to be impressed by their artistic power. Therefore, we invited about 100 artists and collectives to take part in BOX, and divided the works into 5 categories, including comics, graffiti and installation, miscellaneous illustration as well as spots. Even the styles and genres are diverse; the works possess distinctive characteristics and are absolutely eye-catching. Let's enjoy the visual feast together.


20 June 2008

La.ga Bag by InteractCreative - Press Release

40.00€ - Serralves Museum Shop

17 June 2008

Brand new La.ga by InteractCreative - Serralves Museum

Places where you can find The La.ga bag in Portugal