25 November 2008

Official UM MUNDO CATITA Poster

La.ga Bag by InteractCreative - Gulbenkian Foundation

Two new Krvkurva La.ga Limited Editions were launched this week in Lisbon, Portugal. Comissioned by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation are inspired in the gardens of the Foundation Headquarters in Lisbon. These brand new la.gas were illustrated by Benedita Feijó giving a glimpse into the luxurious flora of the gardens, one of Lisbon's best paradises to walk and just relax. Images of poetry, these two editions catch a moment of beauty and launch it into eternity.

As part of the ethos of Krvkurva and it's founder designer Jorge Moita, these editions were carefully sowed and finished at Tires Prison Facility for Women in Portugal, who are now very proud that their work is travelling the word, finding a place among the best design shops and museums. Their names: Maria, Rosário, Yannetsi, Wendy, Kim, Margarida, Clotlide, Teresa, Paloma, women whose lives are now limited by prison but also freed by their commitment to work, self-pride and hope.

These new la.gas are the very last items of the Benedita Feijó / Jorge Moita DARWIN COLLECTION: the prior editions were comission by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and the Luxury Design Hotel do Bairro Alto in Lisbon. These collection is all inspired by Nature and Origin and illustrated by Benedita Feijó, one of Portugal's main visual artists.

21 November 2008

UPA Illustration by InteractCreative - Press

Illustration by InteractCreative for UPA Organisation

InteractCreative Illustration for Um Café Magazine

20 November 2008

Magazine Website talks about InteractCreative wallpapers

Super Bock Outdoor - Lisbon - Braga - Porto

19 November 2008

Super Bock Outdoor, Porto - By InteractCreative

15 November 2008

UPA Illustration by InteractCreative

Illustration by InteractCreative for UPA Organisation

14 November 2008

Personal Work

13 November 2008


We Have been selected for ROJO/J.B next billboard Art Exhibition

11 November 2008

UPA Illustration by InteractCreative, Soon

7 November 2008


At last we have our website done!
Benedita & Michael.