30 September 2009

It´s a LOVE / HATE thing....

29 September 2009

Eureka Shoes, Wallpaper by InteractCreative

Soon, photos of the final product.

InteracCreative wallpaper

I´m waiting and waiting for photos of my work since May, but I guess it´s too complicated to do it and send it.Sorry, at the moment only these small comps.

28 September 2009

My portfolio @ Re_Searcher Website is now updated

Design project in support of UNICEF _ Symbol of what makes ME happy_ NATURE.


KrvKurva / InteractCreative

Since 2005, Jorge Moita created and developed a studio and a production system based in the Women´s Jail of Tires, Portugal.
The project gained immediate international, and inside the Minister of Justice, recognition and profile, giving birth to a range of high-end ethos products, developed in a low-tech environment,
and making evidence of the challenges designers, companies and society can experience in the turn of the Century.
The project provided a social eco, far behind bars, from the workers to other Jails and into the community of design,and made possible projects that ranged from commissions to pieces and complete collections on special request.
Working for the "Federation Française du Prêt-a-Porter", the Who´s Next Paris and Premiere Classe Paris, the Gulbenkian Foundation, the Saint-Petersburg Hermitage Foundation,
The Serralves Foundation, with Benedita Feijó the Portuguese Presidency, and Portuguese tourism, to Cultural Centre of Belem, in ongoing product developments,to collaborations and partnerships with some of the most high profile designers and brands in the international scene, such as Marcel Wanders, and his MOOOI company with Selfridges, Issey Miyake, Making Things, "Marie de Puteaux Paris", London, Swarovski for Bread & Butter, Nissan for Qasqai, "Soporcel, Be Part of the Solution" ,the Damn Magazine Design Cork, etc.

To the usual collaborations between Jorge Moita and other studios, designers, artists, and a range of other creatives, and trendsetterslike Peter Saville Associates, Joana Vasconcelos, Craig Feinberg, Musa DesignCollective, Benedita Feijó, Helena Almeida, Pieke Bergmans, Pierre FichéFeaux, to name a few,in more than 40 Editions of the La.Ga bag, -30% bag, anotherbag™, Twisted, a_ collections etc.
From designing Fabrics, to clothing, finished containers of the Portuguese re-invented and branded innovation status.
That made this Jail Studio an international case study and made Krv Kurva Design a Premium Brand in trade fairs with agents and representatives in more than 11 different countries,
selling in some of the most representative stores and galleries around the world.

In a year that celebrates the new protocol developed by Jorge Moita, aproved and recognize with the Portuguese Minister ofJustice, and after the interest of MoMA NY,ready to introduce some of these projects and ethos in a major exhibition next year,The Studio has open one of the most important doors to other designer´s for a real difference and a real challenge, developing ideas with Krv Kurva Design,and integrated this studio and his questions. Bringing a new collection art directed by Krv Kurva, questioning the limits of design/art/craft and most of all; modern ethos,of design in production and society features.

25 September 2009

Objects that make all the difference

Brand New La.ga bags & notebooks made for Serralves Museum

23 September 2009

O2 Proposal by InteractCreative

Unfortunately the client didn't wanted the ad to be an illustration.

17 September 2009

KrvKurva / InteractCreative

Wallpaper proposal for FORD

15 September 2009

Who makes the La.ga bag

InteractCreative website updated!

La.ga Bag - Bairro Alto Hotel

"Bairro Alto hotel" by Krv Kurva Design
La.Ga Flores Mo&TA at Bairro Alto Hotel 08 by Benedita Feijó photo shooting by Pedro Ramos in B.A. Hotel. Model Fabíola, at Central Models © KK 2009

Table mats by interactCreative for Compal

14 September 2009

Personal Work

13 September 2009

Laga Bag _ Time Out

Fabrica Features
Apesar de existir há oito anos, é provável que ainda haja muita gente que nunca entrou nesta loja. É normal. Está “escondida” no último piso do edifício Benetton, lá bem no alto, em pleno Chiado. Mas porque nunca é tarde para conhecer novos espaços, e porque este até acaba de sofrer uma renovação, está na hora de visitar a Fabrica Features.

Nice words about our work done for Details

10 September 2009

Poster contest proposal

9 September 2009

Eureka Shoes new Store _ Porto

Wallpaper, by InteractCreative, will be revealed soon.

8 September 2009

For-Arte catalogue - Wallpapers by Interactcreative

6 September 2009

Details Store - Illustration by InteractCreative

3 September 2009

Meteo jazz festival street posters by InteractCreative

1 September 2009


Illustration Now! #3 by Wiedemann, Julius

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words.

The worldwide revival of the illustrator's art.
The latest volume Illustration Now! presents a dazzling selection of groundbreaking work by 150 of the world's most exciting illustrators. A fascinating mix of established master draftsmen and neophytes, working in a vast range of techniques, Illustration Now! Vol. 3 features illustrators from 30 countries, including information about their career paths, and lists of selected exhibitions. Also included is an introduction by specialist Steven Heller on current trends in the field. This book is perfect for graphic artists, creative professionals and illustration students, as well as anyone with an appreciation for draftsmanship and visual language.

SOLO Wine Proposals