20 December 2009

Last chance

What you should know about the stickystrap

StickyStrap it is now possible to free your hands and have your iPhone fixed in the right position for:

- easy typing and calculation on your office desk !
- easy viewing of YouTube and films at home or on the go – even on planes! Without arm and neck strain.
- easy 2 player gaming!
- easy GPS while driving!
- easy hands free in the car! Just stick it on the side window close to your ear.
- easy taking photos on self timer !
… and so much more !!

With the StickyStrap you can give your iPhone the power to stick firmly to any clean smooth surface.

With the StickyStrap you can give your iPhone the power to be in the best angle, all the time, on any surface.

With the StickyStrap you get power to get the best out of your iPhone.

Technical details:
Strap: Polypropylene
Loop & Suction-cups: PVC
Label: Vinyl

At A Produkt we wanted to make something really useful for portable devices. Something lightweight, portable and durable. It needed to have multiple uses and make mobile life easier. Along came the StickyStrap.

a produkt™

17 December 2009

Illustration for Réplica Magazine

Health and Safety Issue

replica magazine

16 December 2009

The StickyStrap™

15 December 2009

The StickyStrap™ on GIZMODO!

14 December 2009

Casa Objecto logo by InteractCreative

Christmas Market _ 12 and 19 December

Rua da Picaria, 36, 1ºandar, Porto.

9 December 2009

Article in Embrosyst magazine

8 December 2009

The StickyStrap™ Pack

5 December 2009

Interview to Michael Andersen

4 December 2009

Headboard by interactcreative

3 December 2009

The StickyStrap™

Movie poster Contest Uppercase magazine

2 December 2009

Brand new Wallpaper by InteractCreative

Brand new Wallpaper by InteractCreative

1 December 2009

Illustration for Pocketful Magazine