31 October 2009

INTERACT CREATIVE _ Notebooks for sale

Autumn / Winter Interact Creative collection

Any orders please email me

30 October 2009

Share Magazine

29 October 2009

Volte Face magazine pub with my illustration

28 October 2009

Illustration NOW #3 _ by Tashen

26 October 2009

Last Call

25 October 2009

Nice words about our work

24 October 2009

NEXT SATURDAY @ Andersen Studio

Start October, 31 _ From 18.30 till late.
Brand new work _ Benedita Feijó and More

Part of my work is sponsored by POS DESIGN

21 October 2009

Notebook Contest!

Grade my notebooks!
Really simple: from A (high ) to F (low ) and +A ( if you buy it )
Thanks a lot!

Notebooks gallery

19 October 2009

Everything you should know about the la.ga bag

The La.ga bag

Krv Kurva is a portuguese studio, created in 2003, by Jorge Moita. The studio creates industrial and fashion designs. Krv Kurva haves an eclectic base concept of design creation and designers. One of the several creations is the Bag La.Ga, created by Daniela Pais e Jorge Moita. This bag conciliates two innovative design ideas: the manufacturing and the personal and unique graphic design layout of the collections, that are produced in limited editions with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by each layout creator. The form of La.Ga is shaped like a large tear drop, produced and constructed in Portugal in a semi-rigid 100% Tyvek Graphics Quality, thinner than one millimetre, weighing less than 40 grams. It's able to hold up to 55kg. It is machine washable.

18 October 2009

The La.ga bag _ Bairro Alto Hotel

Artwork _ Benedita Feijo

16 October 2009


InteractCreative / Krvkurva

15 October 2009

Eureka Shoes _ Wallpaper by InteractCreative

Do it!

Personal Work _ ABC Today

Personal Work


Packaging Identity By INDEX BOOK


14 October 2009

Exhibition_ Andersen Studio

Exhibition_ Andersen Studio

Start October, 31 _ From 18.30 till Midnight.
Brand new work _ Benedita Feijó and More

Benedita´s work Sponsored by Pos Design
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7 October 2009

Personal Work _ Nature

Design project in support of UNICEF _ Symbol of what makes ME happy_ NATURE.


Vote for your favourite design!Click the image in the sidebar to view all of the entries then submit your vote using the poll. New entries are still welcome, so please keep them coming.

6 October 2009

Our work has been published!

The new book Packaging Identity will be released soon.
"This editorial project has been made possible thanks to your appreciated contribution."


Eureka Shoes Wallpaper, by InteractCreative

2 October 2009

Power Graphics _ InteracCreative Wallpapers

Mural Image Gallery

The gallery below contains images provided by artists and photographers for use in wall murals. For protection of the artists works, the larger images have copyright watermarks. Please keep in mind that all of the works represented on this site are copyrighted and any unauthorized use is prohibited.

The cost to use each image is listed in the caption. To determine the final cost of your wallpaper mural, add the cost of the image you choose to the cost of printing.

To see more click here

1 October 2009

Future House - Wallpaper By InteractCreative